The alarm app that plays music on Bluetooth, wireless and DLNA speakers (and on your phone)

SleepCast turns your speakers into a full-featured music alarm

Bluetooth speakers

Plays on all Bluetooth speakers including JBL, DKnight, Roker, Cambridge Soundworks, Bowers & Wilkins etc. Automatically switches Bluetooth output to your chosen wakeup speakers

Wireless speakers

Plays on speakers connected to your wifi network. Supports popular brands like Sonos, Bose, Raumfeld, Libratone, etc. Google ChromeCast not yet supported - watch this space!


Plays on all audio systems supporting DLNA or UPnP includng B&O, Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, Sony, Panasonic, Harman Kardon, Philips

On your phone

When you don't have access to your speakers (or your wifi goes down), SleepCast plays through your phone speakers or any audio device connected to the headphone jack

No difficult setup

Sleepcast finds available speakers on your network automatically. All you need to do is put your favourite music on your phone and start building your perfect wakeup playlist. Music in Google Play and streaming services not yet supported - watch this space!

Love it!
No more hate for my fav songs. Used to put my fav songs as wake up alarm until I finally got to hate each song. Now I just shuffle my playlist and I get woken up by diff songs. Works as a charm every single time
Great idea and I really like how it works for me. I even use it purely on the phone without speakers connected as my main alarm

Alarms for any occasion

Set up as many alarms as you need. Enable alarms with a single touch. Check active alarms with a single glance

Wake up with music

Set one-off or repeating alarms for any day of the week. Choose the volume and optionally fade the music in for a gentle start. Shuffle tracks for variety and set repeat in case you decide to lie in

Go to sleep with music

Start playback immediately with SleepCast's sleep timer. Set how long you want the music to play for and optionally fade out slowly - or quickly, if that's what you prefer

Find your player simply

Automatically find any compatible players on your local network, wherever you are. SleepCast remembers devices you have used before, so you can set up alarms even when you're not near the player you want to use.

Build playlists quickly

Get your music onto your phone, then put together playlists you can use again and again in as many alarms as you like. Switch between playlists any time up to the moment the alarm goes off

Simple, intuitive player

All the playback controls you need, simply presented

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